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ACE Centre is building powerful, citizen-driven movements.

WeVote is an independent, non-partisan movement of changemakers working to encourage meaningful voter participation in elections, advocate for electoral reforms, and educate voters about elections and their voting rights. We’re working in a coordinated manner through partnerships across socioeconomic and development sectors, from grassroots to national level, to ensure a cohesive strategy for returning citizen participation to democracy and promoting good governance through voting.

Policy Collective (#PolCol), conceived by ACE Centre, is a platform designed to enhance policy-making through multi-stakeholder dialogue and collaboration. Utilizing fishbowl conversation styles for inclusivity and active participation, #PolCol facilitates discussions across various sectors to create actionable policy recommendations aligned with Nigeria’s development goals. The program spans pre-event research, interactive events, and post-event actions, culminating in The Green Book which documents insights and strategies for future policy implementation.

The 9th House Sectoral Roundtable Sessions (9th House SRS) is a unique initiative uniting key stakeholders across socio-economic sectors with relevant legislative committees. This dialogue-centric program aims to address sectoral gaps and issues through consensus motions, bills, and legislative interventions, ensuring they reflect the nation’s realities.

The program champions citizen participation in Nigeria’s legislative and policy-making process. It furthers this through ongoing technical and capacity building sessions for legislators, providing them with the knowledge to create impactful interventions.