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NHA Amendment Bill Review Portal

The National Health Act 2014 is undergoing amendment at the House of Representatives. NHA is the bedrock of our health policies therefore the health sector commission of ACE Centre will be presenting a memo at the public hearing of the amendment bill. The following portal is for stakeholders who have reviewed the legislation to send in their recommendations.


Your submissions here will be considered in preparation of the memo and you will be regularly updated on the progress of the bill.

Thank you for your interest in health policy reform.

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    9th House SRS (Health)

    On November 13-14, 2020 the House of Representatives engaged with the stakeholders of the health sector to examine the challenges of attaining universal coverage, adequate health funding, health insurance, brain drain and capital flight in the sector.

    The event set the tone for technical and capacity building sessions to follow between stakeholders and the House of Representatives.