9th House SRS

The 9th House Sectoral Roundtable Sessions (9th House SRS) is a program that brings to the dialogue table key (state and non-state) stakeholders of various socio-economic sectors and relevant legislative committees to critically examine the real-life performance of these sectors in order to identify and address gaps/issues therein through sector consensus motions, bills and other legislative interventions.

Citizen participation has been identified as being vital to ensuring that the legislative interventions of the Nigerian parliament are not out of touch with the realities or actual challenges of the nation. The 9th House SRS was developed to enhance citizen participation in the legislative and policy making process of the Nigerian legislature.

Through continuous technical and capacity building sessions following each roundtable, legislators are equipped with relevant knowledge for impactful legislative interventions in each sector, in consultation with the stakeholders of such sectors. While also serving as a platform for legislators to communicate their activities to the Nigerian citizenry, it is also a feedback channel for the House of Representatives, enabling it to feel the socio-economic pulse of the nation.


9th House SRS (Health)

The House of Representatives engaged with the stakeholders of the health sector to examine the challenges of attaining universal coverage, adequate health funding, health insurance, brain drain and capital flight in the sector.

The event set the tone for technical and capacity building sessions to follow between stakeholders and the House of Representatives.